Herbal Hair Colour (Ammonia Free), Pack of 2, 100 gm Each

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Natural beauty, naturally! Transform your hair with goodness of our herbal ingredients. 🌿

✔️Natural coloring to hair.

✔️Prevent dandruff and scalp itching.

✔️Repair and strengthen hair from the roots.

✔️Gives a natural shine and bounce to the hair.




        what are the Benefits :

✔️Natural coloring to hair.

✔️Prevent dandruff and scalp itching.

✔️Repair and strengthen hair from the roots.

✔️Gives a natural shine and bounce to the hair.




How To Use?

-Wash your hair to remove dirt and oil from hair before applying Arkveda’s colour

-Mix the hair colour with lukwarm water and make a paste.

-Apply this paste to length of your hair starting form root to the end.

-Leave it on your hair for about 45 min – 1hr.

-Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all the paste from your hair.

-Overnight soaking in iron vessel recommended.







Note : PATCH TEST  is advisable before adding a new product to your routine. Apply a small amount on your neck/jawline (skincare) or scalp (haircare) and observe for 24 hours. For sensitive skin, extend the test to 7 days.

Discontinue if irritation occurs or consult a dermatologist if needed.

Storage: Store the product in a cool, dry place, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight.





Henna: Ancient color remedy, that prevents breakage, and promotes growth for locks.

Amla: Vitamin C powerhouse, reduces thinning, natural conditioner for revitalized hair.

Shikakai: Natural detangler, hydrates scalp,prevents dandruff, leaves shiny locks.

Bhringraj: Promotes growth, tackles dandruff, eaves silky-smooth, luxurious hair.

Brahmi: Excellent for growth, reduces dandruff, repairs split ends, and strengthens hair.

Special blend conditions, repair split ends, and fight dandruff for smooth, healthy locks.

Other ingredients: Sapindus mukorossi (Reetha) Powder, Cyperus scariosus (Nagarmotha), Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid


Black+Black, Black+Brown, Brown+Brown

Customer Reviews

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Tanvi Chavan
Shine On with this Hair Color for Radiant Results!

Obsessed with this black herbal hair color! It's strengthened my roots and made my hair so much healthier.

Aditya Patil
Healthy Hair, Vibrant Color The Perfect Match!

My hair has never felt better since using this black herbal hair color. It provides deep conditioning and repairs my roots.

Riya Joshi
Color for Vibrant, Healthy Hair Shine Included!

This black herbal hair color is a game-changer! It nourishes my scalp and promotes overall scalp health.

Aarav Deshmukh
Shine Bright with this Hair Color that Nourishes!

Love this black herbal hair color! Not only does it give my hair a rich, deep color, but it also makes it incredibly smooth.

Arjun Thakur
Hair Color that Shines and Nourishes for a Healthy Look!

If you're looking for a herbal hair color that gives you black hair and nourishes your scalp, this is it!